Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 years

Over an age we have walked this burning land
Bound to our teary chains
Slaves to a deathly pain
You have walked by my side
And now must part

No more is your pain
The fear that holds you here
The pain that made you weep
Its washed in a shining sea

And there is a Jubilee
Somewhere beyond the shining Sea
When we leave this burning land
And the pain of burning eyes
We'll see our Jubilee

For all thats great in this world
For all the love that we hold
For all the pain we must bear
There is a Jubilee
beyond the sea
beyond the reach of our tears
And in that Jubilee I'll be by your side
For now and all time
We'll run by the shores of the sea
And sing of our joy in our Jubilee

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