Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Bring rivers in this wasteland
Clouds into this sky
Bring springs of life into the wells that
Have been run dry

Rise up in this city
Gather in this light
Pour down on Your people
You glory and Your life

Rain, Lord we thirst for water
Rain, we are desert land
Rain on Your sons and daughters
Rain, bring Your rain again

Speak dreams into this water
And vision to this land
Let oceans be divided
And bring forth life again
Let the tide roll in washing over our lives
Let Your water fall again
Bring rivers in this wasteland
Clouds into this sky

~ Day of Fire

It's raining here. It's been raining for over 24 hours now, slow, soft, soaking rain... we need the rain. Tonight there is a small stream running through the back yard.

I find that these nights always bring out "poet" in me, not the rhyming kind but in the scene that there is beauty in the rain. It's ironic that this year should start out raining, bringing in a new year, washing out the old one.

Last week at church our pastors wife spoke and talked about how so many people fall into depression after the holidays because there is nothing left to live for. Yet in my life I feel the opposite is true. This year has just begun and there is still hope that it will turn out better than last year did. The holidays bring stress... this time of year the stress is that life has gone back to the proverbial "normal". We go back to work or school or what ever we did before Thanksgiving, we begin to look for the signs of spring, watch as the days begin to lengthen. And soon summer will be here with all of it's activities.

This is my last day in my 22nd year on this earth. Perhaps this rain will wash away last year and bring me a new one. There are things I would like to see come true this year. I would like to be successful at something this year, I can't remember the last time I felt like I had done a good job on something important. I would like to go somewhere, I don't know where but for the past month I have felt restless. Like I need a road trip. There is something fulfilling in driving eight hours to see someone or something. I would also like a home to come back to. I find myself saying once or twice a month out loud in my car "I want to go home." then I laugh at myself because there is currently no such place. Home is still where the car is parked. Home is as real as the Norman Rockwell painting can be... Home will have to wait.

Speak dreams into this water
And vision to this land
Let oceans be divided
And bring forth life again

Yeah, I need a good rain in my life to wash out the old and bring in the new...

info: The picture is of Loch Eil in Scotland, I find it haunting and mystical in it's own way... I can hear the pipes play on the far away hills...

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A. Kay Daniel said...

The first time I read this, I immediately connected with your thoughts. Second reaction (also on the first read) - I hate it that you have no place to call home. There are a thousand tangents to follow there, and you can probably guess them all, but we'll move on to the third reaction, which came to me when I read this again -

The idea of "home" is an intriguing one to most people. As a little girl I dreamed of my future home, wondering what it would look like and how I would furnish it. And of course, most teens relish the thought of a home where they can do as they please! Unfortunately, reality is often much different than our dreams.

You know that banal saying, "Home is where the heart is"? I've wondered at times how true it is, and have finally decided I agree with it. If your heart is wrapped up in a person, you feel misplaced until you're able to be with them again. If you heart is anchored in a location or a building, you only feel at peace in that one place. But if your heart can be at peace with who you are right now, with who you are becoming, with who you will be in eternity, your home is where you are. And I suppose that involves some of taking the eternal perspective, realizing that we will never truly be at home until we reach heaven, since nothing on this earth fully satisfies the cravings of our heart.

Didn't mean to sound preachy, just felt like philosophizing, I guess. Adding my thoughts to Petahthoughts!

Have a good day, Petah. And may your heart be at home with who you are today as we both look forward to the home that awaits us in heaven!